TUNES (that are not Waltzes):
Angelina Baker
Athol Highlanders Jig
Banish Misfortune
Bear Pen Hollow
Beauty in Tears
Beer Barrel Polka
Big Hoedown
Big Sciota
Black Jack Whiskey
Black Mountain Rag
Boys of Bluehill
Buckshot Mountain
Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle
Charleston Girls
Charlie Barnett Lowe's Tune
Cluck Old Hen
Colored Aristocracy
Dallas Bound
Devil's Dream, The
Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
Down the River
Draggin' the Bow
Duck River
Faded Love
Fair Jenny's Jig
Fairy Dance, The
Fisher's Hornpipe
French McLeod's Reel
G Minor Reel
Garfield's Blackberry Blossom
Glen Echo Jig
Globalize This!
Gold Rush
Golden Slippers
Good For the Tongue
Growling Old Man, Grumbling Old Woman
Happy Hollow
Home with the Girls in the Morning
Homeward Bound
Horace Hanesworth
Jack Daniels Reel
James Sutton
John Ryan's Polka
Julianne Johnson
Kerry Polka #1
King of the Fairies, The
Maggots in the Sheep Hide
Mortgage Burn, The
Old Folks Played and the Young Folks Danced
Old Joe Clark
Old Rosin, The Beau
Orange Blossom Special*
Over the Waterfall
Pig Ankle Rag
Ragtime Annie
Rakers, The
Red Apple Rag
Red Crow, The
Red Haired Boy
Reel des Acadiens
Road to Lisdoonvarna
Ruben's Train
Sal's got Mud between her Toes
Sandy Boys
Scotland the Brave
September 1st Jig
Shipping up to Boston
Shove That Pig's Foot a Little Farther in the Fire
Soldier's Joy
Squirrel Heads and Gravy
Tam Lin
Three Forks of Cheat
Trip to Durrow, The
Trip to Windsor
Troll Soup
Valley Forge
Volcanic Jig, The
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Wizards Walk, The
Woodchopper's Reel
Yellow Barber